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Our Factory

The Solingen Connection

In our mission to delight our customers and to find the right manufacturing partners, our search took us to the German city of Solingen. Solingen is called the “City of Blades”, since it has long been renowned for the manufacturing of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors. Our manufacturing partners have been making razor blades since the late 1800s.

Making of the Modern Blade

The production of modern blades is an extremely complex and highly technical process occurring at high rates of speed. Our blades are made from finest Japanese Chromium Steel which make the blade edge less prone to micro-corrosion. The blades are then coated in a layer of Titanium and Diamond grade carbon to ensure the cutting edge stays sharper for longer, making our razors one of the only few ones which last an exceedingly long period of time. Our blades stay sharp and protect the skin even after 2400 strokes.

Wire-Wrapped Blades – The Safe-Edge

In an effort to develop an extremely safe shaving system, the blades in some products are wrapped with very thin wire. Patented Wire Wraps help guide the blades evenly over the skin, protecting it from nicks, cuts and irritation while providing the closeness the shaver needs. This significant step forward in safety has proven to be a successful advancement in the science of shaving.

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