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Zlade Glide II Plus Readyshaver, Twin Blade Disposable Shaving Razor for Men


  • Glide II Plus is a Disposable Razor for Men, it is a Use and Throw Razor where you do not need to change it’s Blade Cartridge
  • Blades : 2 Super Sharp Blades Made from Swedish Stainless Steel for a Clean Shave
  • Lubrication : Lubricating Strip made from Aloe and Vitamin E for a Smooth Glide
  • Non-Slip Grip : Ergonomic Handle with a Rubber Grip for a Precise Shave

Zlade brings you the latest in it’s exciting line up of Shaving Razors, the Glide II Plus Readyshaver. Glide II Plus is equipped with 2 Swedish Steel Blades which give a clean shave and a Lubricating Strip which contains Aloe and Vitamin E adds a smooth glide to your daily shave. The Glide II Plus is a disposable razor which can be used comfortably at your convenience and also acts as a use and throw razor. You do not need to change blades in this razor which is very easy to use and dispose of.


6, 12, 18, 24

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