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4 Titanium and Diamond Coated Blades

Each Imported Zlade 4 Cartridge is equipped with 4 Titanium and Diamond coated blades made in Germany, the patented ICE (Ionic Carbon Edge) Diamond coating increases blade durability and Titanium coating enhances performance

Only Razor in India with 2 Lubricating Strips

The Zlade 4 is the only Razor in India which has TWO Lubricating Strips equipped with Aloe and Vitamin E, each above and below the blades, Zlade 4 is Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically Tested

Safe-Edge Technology - Wire Wrapped Blades to Protect Skin

The Revolutionary Safe-Edge Technology has wire wrapped blades tightly spaced together to ensure that the blades cut only your beard and not your skin

All Zlade Razors fit All Zlade Cartridges

All Zlade Razors come with a Common Docking System, The Zlade 4 Razor Handle fits both Zlade 6 and Zlade 4 refill Cartridges, so you do not have to purchase a new Razor if you wish to try our other cartridges

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